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Fully-managed custom audiences for your ad campaigns

Go beyond email campaigns. Message your current customers where they really are.

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How it works

Step 1

Segment your customers

Connect your store and start segmenting your customers based on their purchases. You can also use over a dozen pre-built customer audiences that come with your account.

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Step 2

Export Custom Audiences

Download customer audience files and use them to create ads for repurchase and cross-selling on Facebook, Instagram, Google and other services.

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Step 3

Track lift in sales & retention

Use our native A/B functionality to understand the real impact of your ad campaigns on the churn and repurchase rates of your stores.

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Awwdience allowed us to target offers at the 60% of our customer base that weren't responding to our email campaigns.

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Joana Massa
CRM Manager, Duty Cosméticos

Our clients are retaining 3x more through Facebook and Instagram ads alone than they are using traditional winback campaigns.

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Fernando Bilfinger
Human AI Inc.

Why Awwdience

First, the bad news

It's 2021 and email marketing can only get you so far

Are you relying exclusively on email to get your customers to keep your customers around? If so, the odds are stacked against you.

The average open rate for e-commerce was 12% last year.[1] That means, on average, only one in every ten customers is opening emails sent by stores like yours. Only 👏 one 👏 in 👏 ten 👏 !

One in ten is not OK — especially given how much effort you put into creating your campaigns. So what can you can do about it?

Now, the secret

Facebook ads aren't just for acquisition

We interviewed dozens of e-commerce experts in 2020 and learned that 🔥 top 🔥 DTC marketers had begun leveraging social media ads to nudge old customers to purchase again.

Thanks to Facebook's targeting capabilities, some of these experts are making more money from winback ads than they are from all their email campaigns combined.

Sounds too good to be true? 🧟‍♀️

Here's the catch

It's a bit harder than it sounds

Creating these targetted ads can be a very boring and technical task. It requires you to be downloading, segmenting, and formating these huge spreadsheets with your customer data. Not only that, but measuring the efficacy of these campaigns will also require you to hire a data scientist (👩‍🔬) or two (👩‍🔬👨‍🔬).

And did we mention you must know your way around the Facebook Business Manager?

You know where we're going with this...

That's where we come in

We are your toolkit for retention through ads

Our products simplify the hard work required to target your past customers using social media ads.

Our team got together to help online businesses create the most powerful retention campaigns through the use of social media advertising and a pinch of artificial intelligence.