Awwdience was shut down in March 2021. If you installed our app and need assistance, please contact us via the support tab.
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🔎Over a dozen built-in segments to choose from

We come preconfigured with a dozen of the most important customer segmentations to build your campaigns around.

🤹‍♀️Can export to all the major social networks

We are the one-stop shop to export your ad campaigns to the paid media channels that matter to you and your base of fans.

5-minute setup for Shopify stores

We are here to save you time, not to take it from you. Connect your Shopify store and Facebook account and let our servers do all the segmentation work.

🧞‍♂️Synchs automatically with Facebook audiences

We save you a ton of time by synchronizing your segments directly with Facebook Custom Audiences, instead of requiring you to manually download and upload them every week.

💅🏼Works without the pixel (iOS friendly)

Have you heard the news? Apple is coming after the Pixel. We don't depend on pixel tracking, making it a more reliable source of retention metrics than your Google Analytics or your Facebook Ads manager.

👩🏽‍💼Weekly retention insights on your inbox Beta

Treat yourself to a detailed briefing on how your retention campaigns are going; every Monday morning in time for breakfast.

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